Remote education provision: information for parents

This information sets out what to expect from remote education when COVID restrictions require most children in Kinoulton Primary School to remain at home.

We will aim to teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate.

The work provided is expected to take KS1 children about 3 hours (less for Reception children) and about 4 hours a day for KS2 children.

Children will access online remote education through Microsoft Teams and the school website. Microsoft Notebook and Word are also used to make pupils’ recording easier for certain tasks.

Children who don’t have online access at home may attend school (along with the children of critical workers and vulnerable children) or request home learning packs from school.

Your child will be taught remotely by having daily tasks set. Work plans for the following week will go out on a Friday. Worksheets for each day will go out the day before at 6pm – including on Sundays.

Teachers will provide a live/recorded welcome to the week, including an outline of the week’s work each Monday morning. KPS policy is not to provide live lessons but children will be signposted to recorded teaching (Oak National Academy lessons etc) where appropriate.

Feedback on children’s completed tasks is provided daily by teachers.

Teachers will discuss with parents and carers the additional provision required for SEND pupils on or before the first day of school closure.

Depending on the notice of closure given to the school the full provision set out above may not be available in the first day or two.

Children are expected to engage with the remote learning provided. Teachers will monitor children’s engagement and contact parents should there be any concerns. We will try to work with you to remove any barriers to learning.

We know that this is a very difficult period for everyone and understand that sometimes it may not be possible for children to complete all of the work that is set for them all of the time.

We will be revisiting all of the remote learning/concepts when pupils return to school so please don’t worry if your child does not understand everything or is unable to do some of the set work.

If a pupil needs to self-isolate when other children are in school, a teacher will contact parents and carers to discuss the arrangements that would be most suitable for that pupil.