Welcome to Kinoulton Primary School

A school which has a deserved reputation for its high standards, outstanding provision and the wealth of opportunities available to all of its pupils.

Our aim is quite simple: to provide a high quality primary education within a friendly and supportive environment, where pupils' diligence and high standards of behaviour are both expected and rewarded. 


What our pupils say about Kinoulton Primary School

"I'm proud of the manners and kindness."

"I'm proud of the teachers......I know it sounds cheesy but they support you all the way."

"Our school council because you listen to our ideas and let us have some of our suggestions."

" I'm proud of when new children come. We really welcome them and when they are older they will probably do the same back to others."

" I'm proud of the friendly atmosphere - we're like a community and no one gets left out."

Website sections:

The Diary lists the important school dates for the next few months.

The Childrens section contains a page for each class giving information from their teachers.

The Parents section includes information issued by the school office such as newsletters, forms and school meals.

About Us is the section designed to tell visitors about our school.

If you would like to know who the school governors are, what they do or would like to contact them then visit the Governors section.

The Community section has links to other organisations in our area.

To get in touch or find our location click the Contact Us button.




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