Welcome to Class 2


Mrs Huntingford & Mrs Westmoreland

Summer Term 2018

The Incredibles!

This term we have a very exciting topic for you all... The Incredibles! We are going to be learning all about travel and how it has developed over time. What can you find out about the Wright Brothers?

We are going to be creating our very own vehicles fit to transport a superhero!

We are also looking at some fantastic artwork by Andy Worhol and creating our own artwork based on his work.

In Science we are learning about growing plants and how we can look after them. This is linked to our super exciting trip to Conkers!!

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Look at these websites linked to our topic:


If you could be any superhero, who would you be? Have a look at this website to design your very own superhero!

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Learn all about what plants need to grow by watching this video. Have you managed to grow your own plants?

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Find out about Pop Art (the style of artwork by Andy Warhol) by looking at this video...

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Could you try and draw something in the style of Andy Warhol?





This term Year 2 will be continuing the TIMES TABLES CHALLENGE! After a strong start last term, I am looking forward to seeing the progress you will all make this term! Keep up the good work! Remember, you can win certificates and prizes for learning the times tables. We will start with the 2x table and work our way through until we are all times table masters!




Have you tried these phonic games?                   Image result for education.com phonic games       

Here are some fun maths games to play!


Have a look at our newsletter for more details about what we are learning this term.

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