Mrs Huntingford & Mrs Westmoreland

Summer Term 2019 

Commotion in the Ocean!

Welcome back Class Two - I hope you had a wonderful Easter break and got to eat plenty of chocolate eggs! We have a very exciting topic for you this term.... Commotion in the Ocean!

 We are going to be learning about different oceans and seas and the layers of the ocean. We will explore what animals live in the ocean and we also have an exciting trip to the Sea Life Centre where we can see some ocean creatures close up! 

We will also be finding out about holidays - what were they like in the past and what are they like now? Perhaps you might like to ask your grandparents or parents what their holidays were like when they were children? Do they have any photos they could share?



Here is a short video which shows how the ocean is a habitat for many different creatures.

There is also a quick game where you can test your knowledge about some of the different ocean animals.


Later in the term we are going to have a 'Pirate Week.'

Click on the picture below to watch pirate videos, play pirate games and follow the instructions to make some pirate arts and crafts.  Ohh arrrrrrrrr! 


In Science we will be learning all about the summer.

Click the picture below to watch a short video about summer.

When is summer?

How does summer effect different animals?

What sports do we play in summer?

Can you draw a summer picture?


We will also be reading some books about The Lighthouse Keeper - Mr Grinling. Click on the picture below to hear one of the books.

Class Newsletter

Have a look at our newsletter for more details about what we are learning this term.


Have you tried these phonics games?                   Image result for education.com phonic games       

Here are some fun maths games to play!