Welcome to Class 2


Mrs Huntingford & Mrs Carey

Autumn Term 2017

Footsteps through the Forest!

This term our topic is ‘Footsteps through the Forest!’ and we will be finding out about the rainforest, the different creatures that live there and getting to know all about bears! In our art lessons we will be researching William Morris and creating our own repeating patterns. We will also be finding out about plants and learning to identify the plants and trees in our school grounds. 

Look at these websites linked to our topic:

Have a look at this website where you can play games and print some rainforest colouring pages.


Watch this video and find out about Brown Bears!


Have a look at this website to find out all about Paddington Bear!


 Do you have a favourite teddy bear? Could you write a story about an adventure your teddy bear might go on?



Have you tried these phonic games?                   Image result for education.com phonic games       

Here are some fun maths games to play!