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Class 1- Mrs Barker

Summer Term 2018 

This term our topic is called 'The Incredibles!'

We have got a very exciting term planned for you! We are going to be designing vehicles (a vehicle fit for a superhero) and looking at how vehicles and transport has changed over time. Also, we will be learning how to grow and take care of plants. In art, we are going to look at work by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, and then creating our own work inspired by these artists. We will of course be learning about superheroes and thinking about people special to us and what makes them our heroes.


Click on the picture below to style your own hero! What superpower will you choose?

Click below to find out some fantastic superhero facts!

Find out about what plants need to grow by clicking on the picture below. If you scroll down, there is a short video you can watch.

Here is a short video about the Wright Brothers. Can you watch and see how they changed history?


Have you tried these maths games?

    Image result for counting games topmarks Image result for ict games maths Image result for snappy maths

Image result for maths zone Image result for crickweb

Enjoy these phonics games at home! 

Work your way through the different levels Listen to the song and then play the alphabet game at the end!  Image result for top marks letters and sounds

Related image Image result for starfall

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