School Sports Premium Grant

 The Government has given all schools across the country additional funding in the form of a Sports Premium Grant. This is to help schools to enhance their sports provision and enable more children to have access to quality sports and competitive opportunities. The amount of funding is based on the number of pupils in the school plus a core amount.

Each school will receive £16,000 plus an additional £10 per pupil for 2018-2019. For Kinoulton Primary School this equates to £17050 for 2018-19. The funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in school.

Provision in School

At KPS we try to ensure that teaching and learning opportunities in P.E are of high quality, meeting the needs of all the pupils. We provide a broad P.E curriculum throughout the school covering a wide range of sports. We also provide opportunities for pupils to attend a variety of extra-curricular clubs.

Our Sports Premium Grant is used to enhance our PE provision in the following ways:

• Improve the quality of our teaching by employing specialist coaches to lead PE lessons alongside our teachers. The aim here is to equip further our teachers with the confidence and skills to continue to provide high quality PE sessions when the School Sports Premium Grant ceases.

We currently employ dance, gymnastics and multi-skills coaches from South Notts Academy.

  • Purchasing new equipment to enhance the delivery of PE lessons and sports clubs (e.g. new footballs and PE mats)
  • Funding outside providers to enhance our wellbeing provision (yoga and acrobatic/circus skills)
  • Funding additional clubs (for example, basketball during autumn 2018)
  • Transport and staff release time to take pupils to events specifically for pupils who don’t always participate in sports clubs (e.g. Boccia competitions at South Wolds Academy)
  • Increase participation in inter-school competitions and tournaments by releasing staff to take pupils during curriculum time (e.g. rounders, cricket and tag-rugby festivals)     
  • Subsidising transport costs for sporting events 
  • Rushcliffe School Sports Partnership fee 
  • Supply costs to cover PLT meetings/professional development in PE

Impact on School

We have reviewed the impact of each specialist coach’s input at the end of each term. So far, the vast majority of pupils have enjoyed the sessions and thought that their confidence and abilities in the given area have improved.

Without exception, all staff believe their understanding, professional competence and personal confidence have improved as a result of working alongside specialist coaches.

Our uptake to school clubs has always been high and we have not noticed any significant increase in participation rates.

We are delighted to have gained our bronze school games award (July 2016) in recognition of the coaching and high pupil participation rates at our extensive range of extra curricular clubs.

Last year's funding allowed us to improve our Class 1 outdoor area, purchase new PE mats, purchase a new stage for productions, introduce new activities (such as Drumba) and to convert the school garage into a fit for purpose PE store.