About the PTFA

We have a very active Parents Teachers and Friends Association at Kinoulton.  Our aim is to organise fun events for the children each term and raise as much money as we can to support the school. The reason we do this is to provide the school with either complete or part funding for things that they would not usually be able to have.

We have provided specialist equipment to help in classrooms and assemblies, including e-readers and the main hall’s audio visual system, and we also subsidise school trips. These extras make a real difference to all the children at Kinoulton. Not only that, but the events such as the Halloween Disco and Easter Eggstravaganza are really great family events and much fun is had by all!

We have a core committee, but other parents come along to our meetings and always provide much needed advice and support. In addition, we hold a database of willing volunteers to help at our events.

The core committee members are: Steve Hanson (Chair), Alison Edwards (Vice-Chair) Rebecca Hall (Secretary), Kathy Freeston (Vice Secretary), Ally Daly/Neil Crowe (Treasurer) and Sarah Barker (Teacher committee member).

Recent events

The Halloween Disco has become an annual event anticipated by young and old alike and this year was a sell out

On Sunday 29th October we organised helpers to supervise the children parading in their costumes from the Nevile Arms through the village up to the disco in the Village Hall.  On the way there were ghosts & ghouls waiting to spook the unsuspecting!  The large numbers of parents/friends who volunteered meant the hall was well decorated, there were large quantities of cakes for sale and the best raffle seen in years! 

All of this effort paid off as the children had a great time and we raised enough money to pay for the coaches to the Cinderella pantomime at Christmas.

Getting involved

If you have any suggestions, or would like to help out, then please come along to our meetings which are advertised on noticeboards at the school and texted to parents about a week before. We would love to see new people getting involved as it really helps us at the events we run, to be able to share the jobs out amongst lots of people. You don’t have to volunteer lots of time – even just an hour at one event in the year, or baking some cup-cakes would be a great help.


Becoming involved in the PTFA is a great way to get to know other parents, so why not add your name to our email contact list and we can let you know what's happening. Please contact